The ferrous crushed stone (FCS) -
is a high-density aggregate
specifically produced by Novasmart
for specialist ballast and concrete applications offshore and on dry land.
The Product
The ferrous crushed stone (FCS) is a product of the processing of ferrous metallurgical slags of rolling and iron ore.
High Density Aggregate
The product has large iron oxides content with an extraordinary density (heavyweight) and high strength.
When cost is as critical
as performance
  • More weight – less volume – less cost
  • Less excavation/transportation/reinforcement and time for construction
  • High radiation shielding characteristics
  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • Space-saving
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Thermal energy storage
  • High submerged/saturated density
Case Studies
Harmless to the environment
A non-toxic good in all its forms with there is no negative environmental impact.

Upcycled into a commodity from an industrial by-product diverted from landfills.
The FCS is usually producing by beneficiation, grinding, drying, and screening at our milling plant in Russia.
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FCS Aggregate Data Sheet
  • Chemical composition
  • Physical characteristics
  • Grade
  • Availability
  • Safety Data Sheet
Chemical Composition
The typical chemical composition can be adapted according to customers ' requirements
Physical Characteristics
Providing customized products based on particular requirements, controlled, tested, and certified with the complete scope.
Our FCS is available in coarse and fine grades as well as mixtures of these grades.

Typical sizes for our dense product range are 0.5 - 8mm and can be adapted for your needs.
Each grade has a controlled particle size distribution.
Product available in bulk, in large quantities.
For your convenience, we can deliver FCS by ship, barge, train, or container

Case Studies
The industry uses ferrous crushed stone as an aggregate in heavy and high-density concretes, loose ballast, weighting of pipelines and constructions, a mineral additive for mortar, and a filler for producing a wide range of building materials.

FCS, as a high-density aggregate, is capable of producing heavyweight concrete for radiation shielding.
Fee Outline
Compared to natural minerals-based products,
we can offer a more competitive price
for a good with similar properties.

We will supply you on time and economically, all-year-round with the best quality ferrous crushed stone.
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To obtain the most accurate price for our FCS iron oxides-based aggregate, please call or email.

Please specify the quantity needed, the required parameters, and the place of delivery.

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