Venture investment and business development company
headquartered in Singapore

Invest in startups at an early stage, focusing on the growth and market expansion of portfolio companies.

We develop an international trading business and tech startups under our brand.

By combining our expertise, experience, and networking, we have become business partners at Novasmart.
5 years
In 2016, we unintentionally rallied in Singapore and
comprehended that our vision, approach, and interests coincide.
6 companies
Novasmart team members launched and developed companies in Russia, China, the Netherlands, Singapore, Oman, and Uganda.
A well-balanced team of pros with decades of experience.
We discover more of our strengths as our portfolio grows and bring new talent to our team, which gets better with each project.
Jointly, we establish a reliable firm with a growing valuation and multiple diversified sources of revenue, stimulating the extension of global trade and investing in developing businesses based on technology and innovations.
Jointly, we launched and developed business streams in construction material, industrial chemistry and fully integrated them into global supply chains.
At the same playing field
    We are having great insight into all three tenets: product, team, and go-to-market and invest rigorously; we are involved in startups strategically and operationally.

    Eliminating bottlenecks
    Novasmart Ventures works with the startup teams and funding in strengthening a group of performers with high expertise in the bottlenecks of a particular business.
    Tailored tangible shifts
    We apply in-depth knowledge in the field of strategic and operational management, product development, and implementation of innovative technologies, go-to-market, and marketing - and create tangible shifts in the company's development trajectory.

    Gently step out
    We protect our IP and bring the outcome product to global markets.
    Gap-filling operator
    Certified eco-friendly products with mandatory labeling: cereals, pasta, canned food, meat, drinking water, beer.

    Reveal the synergy
    We are interested in establishing a strategic partnership with wholesale suppliers of retail chains and HoReCa.

    Most successful companies now have common distinctive characteristics.
    Novasmart strives to ensure that each project in the investment portfolio comprises these elements.
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    Discuss the any idea on the call.
    Novasmart esteem confidentiality, we are able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
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